Lighting: The Economics of Growing


Violet Gro has always approached its grow lighting a little bit differently than traditional lighting by focusing on the overall system economics. Traditionally, the cannabis industry has been associated with high expense from electricity to run its lights and then HVAC systems to cool the room back down.

By giving plants only the light they need, growers can maximize their profit by minimizing both their energy costs, in terms of lower electricity to operate the lights and lower cooling costs, and their long-term capital costs in terms of repair and bulb replacement, while still producing high quality plants.

The Cost Saving is Real - Much More Than Half
— Sonny Lopez, Thrive Farms

However, it can be challenging to convince people to take a different approach, even if it will ultimately help them come out ahead in terms of cost savings and ultimately profit.

One grower willing to take a closer look at the economics of growing was Sonny Lopez with Thrive Farms. He has found that Violet Gro lights allow him to grow high quality plants at nearly half of the electrical costs, which puts him ahead of the game, compared to traditional lighting.

Read the interview with Sonny in MMJ Daily on his journey to begin growing hemp and his experience with Violet Gro lighting.