Violet Gro LED Grow Lights Partners With Hyperponic on Their Fully Integrated Vertical Tower Growing System

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Violet Gro’s LED grow lights has been selected by Hyperponic as the primary light source for its fully integrated, patent-pending CropTower.

The Hyperponic CropTower is a technologically advanced growing system that provides growers with a complete computer-controlled environment and nutrition management system to facilitate increased quality and consistency, faster production, reduced space requirement and better yields at lower costs.

Hyperponic has been researching multiple lighting options that could support their goals of vertical growing with increased efficiency, lower cost, and more profit for its customers. In a head-to-head test, Hyperponic's team evaluated several lighting options, including Violet Gro LED Grow Lights, and has chosen Violet Gro as the primary lighting source for its patent-pending CropTower.

Read more about Violet Gro and Hyperponic’s partnership in our press release.

The Violet Gro LED Grow Lights give us consistent, high quality output with lower direct energy costs, and with substantially less heat, meaning lower HVAC costs for a facility.
— Doug Fyvolent, Managing Partner of Hyperponic