Violet Defense Group Sets Its Sights on South Africa

Violet Defense Group, the parent company to Violet Defense, the UV germ-killing light company, and Violet Gro, the agricultural lighting company, is expanding its commercialization efforts into South Africa in collaboration with Logan Medical and Surgical (Pty) Ltd

South Africa - Violet Gro.png

As Violet Gro looked at the opportunities to expand its commercial opportunities, South Africa became an obvious choice. After the Constitutional Court of South Africa decriminalized possession, use and cultivation of cannabis in private dwellings in September of last year, the CBD industry was off to the races. 

However, until recently, CBD was considered a scheduled substance by the Medicines Act, requiring a prescription to purchase products containing CBD.  In May, the Department of Health made a new declaration, now exempting all products that contain a maximum daily dose of 20 mg of CBD intended for “general health enhancement or relief” from the schedules to the Medicines Act. 

“We were already making inroads and getting a great response from growers in South Africa,” said Kurt Kucera, President of Violet Gro.  “These new rulings will open the door for even more growers to take advantage of our energy-efficient lighting solutions as they look to set up new facilities, as well as our UV lights that can help create healthier grow environments.”

LMS will be serving as the importer for Violet Defense Group for both its Violet Gro’s LED agricultural lighting solutions and Violet Defense’s line of UV disinfection products.

Read more about this collaboration in our press release.