Fully Integrated, Energy-Efficient Vertical Growing System

Violet Gro is the primary lighting source for the integrated CropTower vertical growing system by Hyperponic, a technologically advanced growing system that provides growers with a complete computer-controlled environment and nutrition management system to facilitate increased quality and consistency, faster production, reduced space requirement and better yields at lower costs.

The Violet Gro LED Grow Lights give us consistent, high quality output with lower direct energy costs, and with substantially less heat, meaning lower HVAC costs for a facility.
— Doug Fyvolent, Managing Partner of Hyperponic

lighting the way to a fully integrated solution

Combining the patented lens solution and cutting-edge design of Violet Gro’s energy-efficient LED lights with the patent-pending Hyperponic vertical growing system provides indoor growers with a turnkey, professional installed solution with key strategic advantages.

  • Low wattage grow lights that produce more light with less heat

  • Targeted spectrum and layout to optimize plant performance

  • Up to 3x current yield with minimum of 6 harvests annually

  • Up to 50% less labor cost

  • Estimated 25% less A/C costs

  • 90% water savings

  • 50% less fertilizer costs

  • Reduced upfront costs with lease model

  • License fee easily recovered in single grow cycle