The Violet Gro LED Grow Lights

The Violet Gro Ag Bar was designed to be highly customizable to easily adapt to the needs of your indoor growing facility.

Available in 4', 6' or 8' lengths

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Design allows for 1-, 2- or 3-sided deployment for up to 360 degrees of growing


LED lights produce a broad spectrum of light including blue, red, and far red


Optional Photon Harvester optimizes the light output for single-sided design.  It focuses the output to provide a targeted 120 degrees of light coverage.

Photon Harvester 2.jpg

Optimize Your Lights

In order to optimize the best results for your plants, it's important that you provide the right intensity of light at the right time.  From seed to flower, Violet Gro can recommend the layout that will best meet your needs.


Seeds & Clones

Position Violet Gro 8' Bar 24-36" above the canopy and 3' apart

Coverage:  24 sq. ft. per 8' bar


Vegetative Stage

Position Violet Gro 8' bar 18-24" above the canopy and 3' apart

Coverage:  24 sq. ft. per 8' bar

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Flowering Stage

Position Violet Gro 8' bar 12-18" above the canopy and 2' apart

Coverage:  16 sq. ft. per 8' bar

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